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Agencies globally can benefit from having an dedicated Lunargistics representative to ensure standards and facilitate comprehensive brokerage. 

Serving Your Country

A dedicated Lunargistics vendor in your agency will ensure a well curated and managed experience for your regulators while interacting with payload providers, launchers, and spaceports. Reduce the overhead and tax payer obligations by privatizing these duties through automation and responsible Lunargistics representatives.

Long Term Lease for Unit Managers 

Dedicated square footage for a commercial dispatch on location at Space Ports around the globe to give franchise owners peace of mind when allocating resources for the future.

Owners Abound

Franchise Owners with dedicated space become partners in the Lunargistics Corp. co-owning shares through the comprehensive and competitive packages offered through corporate stock options.

Our Commitment to our Partners

We support projects that help improve the future of space exploration. That’s why we so carefully select the dispatch partners we bring into our brand for our stores and continually evaluate our suppliers for their commitment to social responsibility.