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Engage Your Locals with A Brand Known Around the World for Out of this World Logisitics.

Offer the Lunargistics

Lunargistics Licensed Stores allow you to offer customers more than the great service and care they need. From custom store design to robust ongoing support, our Licensed Stores allow you to immerse every customer in the full space experience they cherish and seek out.

Lunargistics Licensed Stores

Delight customers with the original store design, popular seasonal promotions and exceptional services getting people further and in more capacity for years to come. 


  • Bring your locality closer to the future while providing a place for Lunargistics core customers on the road. 

  • Take advantage of continuous product and operational innovation


  • Unrivaled, customizable store design

  • Lunargistics forms, equipment, training and support

  • Seasonal promotions

  • Proprietary equipment and fixture package

  • Exclusive Lunargistics® logistics and throughput programme

  •  Comprehensive merchandise assortment

  • Ongoing expertise, consulting and support including onsite visit.